What keeps us from getting started?

This first blog entry coincides with the launch of the website, which was a labor of love for quite some time for me. At times it was a struggle of getting started or re-starting. Which got me thinking as I sat down to write this first entry, what keeps us from getting started...?

The reality is this entry could turn into a grocery list a mile long. Sometimes it is things external to us and other times it is our own internal roadblocks in which case we become the source of our own pitfalls. 

Thoughts...that might be telling you, you shouldn't try since you won't get it right, you don't know anything about what you're trying to do, you aren't as good as others at this.

Feelings...fear, anxiety, confusion, frustration, pessimism, or more. All absolutely normal human feelings. When left unchecked they can begin to take over and derail us.

Actions...we fall into patterns of behavior whether that be busying ourself with other things, sabotaging ourselves by not even trying, or good ole plain avoidance - better safe than sorry.

So go ahead and identify your baggage whatever it might be. Acknowledge it. Own it.

And then let's start the journey to moving forward!