Exploring New Horizons

In Part 1 of this 4 part series we started by opening ourselves up to the potential change that is all around us. In this second installment we will look at what it's like to be on the verge of venturing out into deep waters.

In the 2007 film “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” she holds audience with Sir Walter Raleigh upon his return from the new world. The below clip captures his compelling description to the Queen of the voyage. Watch it.

CLICK  (2 min clip) Sir Walter Raleigh, braving the unknown to discover something magnificent!

CLICK (2 min clip) Sir Walter Raleigh, braving the unknown to discover something magnificent!

 Can you feel the intensity? Can you sense the fear? How about the anticipation? It is all palpable.

Dealing with the unknown is challenging. What is your ocean? What is the new land you are looking for on the horizon? What are the fears that keep you docked or tethered, limiting how far you can go and thus keeping you from exploring the potential of what could be? For you, the ocean may be adjusting to the transition associated with any of the changes listed in Part 1.

Perhaps the unknown is whether or not to stay in or end a relationship, how to deal with emotional scars of your past that present themselves over and over, whether to look for a new job or how to deal with your child’s behavioral issues. Your land may be a known – better behavior from your child, a closer relationship with your family, or it may be a mystery, such as why do I have trouble with my emotions or why do all my relationships end in heartbreak.

In the clip, Sir Walter Raleigh talks about checking his compass, chart and even offering up prayers for a fair wind. When you pause to think, he was not alone on that voyage. There were resources that added him including others that provided help and support throughout the journey. He did not have to go it alone. 

As you navigate daily living sometimes it requires all hands on deck. Would it be helpful for you to add someone else to your crew? You can continue with Part 3 here.