Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.
— Khalil Gibran

Feel stuck or like each day is just a repeat of the last? Going through your day with the sense that something is off and if only something would happen or get better than all would be well and you’d be happy again. It is almost as if a layer of plastic wrap is covering your Thanksgiving dinner, allowing you to see it, but teasing you, keeping you from experiencing the delicious smells and tastes of it. And because you are a man you can’t let anyone know or see something is off. You are supposed to suck it up and soldier on. The stress and the weight is only building. Perhaps a round of golf, a beer with friends helps blow off a little steam, but it never allows you to get ahead. It is just enough to keep your head above water.

Maybe you are dealing with a recent concern or something there for months or years. Either way you are reading this because you want something more, something different. Your struggle with anxiety and stress is leading to confusion, depression, failure, hurt, relationships or something else. The key to unlocking your joy could be in the approach. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based approach. It can help many individuals resolve the challenges before them.

You can start by taking that first step and reaching out. We understand that step can be extremely challenging. You aren’t the first man nor will you be the last man to be frozen in that position. You can call today for a free phone consult to see if counseling is what’s best for you. No pressure. Ultimately the decision is yours. We’re here ready when you are to help you figure that out and work through your concerns

I thought too much, lived too much in the mind. It was hard to make decisions.
— Donna Tartt